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Considering the Somerset Country Collection?  

The Time-Honored Country Tradition 

The country look is one of the most time-honored decorating traditions in America.  It is an American classic and the Somerset Country Collection has the perfect flooring to complete this look in any room of your home.  The collection includes seven beautiful looks ranging from Forest Brown to Natural Walnut and is made up of Maple and Walnut, and White Oak.  The natural variation that is found in each piece of wood ensures that your floor will be uniquely beautiful and authentic. 

Somerset Country Collection

Somerset Country Royal Brown

The Ageless Look of an Aged Floor 

The Somerset Country Collection consists of solid hardwood flooring in a variety of species, that features hand scraping and character markings for a timeworn appearance and texture that will add an authentic and unique look to your country d├ęcor.  This is the perfect collection for anyone who is restoring an older country home and wants it to look as genuine as possible.  The biggest benefit is that you get that aged look while having a brand new floor that is built to last and resistant to stains and warping. 

Somerset Country Maple Toast

Somerset Country Desert Tan

Added Value 

A properly installed hardwood floor adds not only unique beauty to your home, but added value as well.  Most homeowners find that the cost of purchasing and installing a Somerset Country Collection hardwood floor more than pays for itself with the increased resale value of the home.  This added value is due in part to the fact that the flooring never needs to be replaced and also because of the beautiful look that the wood adds to the home.  There are very few other design elements that add as much value to a home. 

Somerset Country White Oak

Somerset Maple

Environmentally Sound 

A purchase from the Somerset Country Collection is not only a good investment and an excellent decorating choice, but also an environmentally sound decision.  Not only does Somerset employ its own forestry staff to ensure that more trees are planted than are cut down, but they also eliminate waste by using every part of each tree that is cut down.  Wood and branches not suitable for making into floor planks are used to make wood pellets for fuel. 

Somerset Country Buttercup

Somerset Hickory Flooring

For more information on Somerset Flooring visit the references above.